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Why Outsourcing Your HR and Hiring Needs May Be Your Best Option

November 2nd, 2012

Does this sound like the way your small business handles HR?

You have one manager, maybe the Business or Finance Manager, who handles payroll.  You have a couple of other department heads who handle hiring decisions, and employee’s issues.  All of you sort of take care of helping employees get set up with your insurance benefits plans, etc.

Many small businesses, out of sheer necessity,  have this set-up, with varying degrees of success.  Once your company gets to a certain size though, problems can creep into this system.  Here are some of the main problems with this structure:

  • Sometimes, managers may feel as though they are not passing along the most accurate or current information to employees.
  • There may be inconsistencies among different managers’ techniques for handling employee issues.
  • The busier department heads get, HR duties tend to get pushed further and further down the to-do list.
  • Employees can become increasingly upset by this perceived lack of attention to their needs on the part of management.
  • The company may be unwittingly putting itself at risk of lawsuits by having department heads who are not properly trained in the laws and regulations pertaining to hiring, firing and other HR roles performing these tasks.  This is dangerous and potentially very costly and harmful to the company and its employees.

There are two solutions to this problem.  You can hire another manager who is specifically trained to handle all of these HR tasks and be a one man (or woman) department for your company.  Or, you can outsource all of your HR needs.

You must go through a cost benefit analysis to determine which route is most cost effective for your company.  Many companies are choosing the outsourcing route today since there are many highly qualified and affordable firms out there to effectively handle these functions for them.

When you work with ERG Staffing Services, we are really your partner.  We believe that effective communication is critical to this partnership so our staff will work with you to uncover exactly what your needs are, to understand your culture and make a plan with you for success.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary Staffing for short-term projects needing staff immediately, family and medical leave absences, coverage for vacationing employees and additional workers for your peak season.
  • Temp to Hire and Direct Hire Staffing
  • On-Site Staffing Manager.  When you have many temporary/contract employees, we can provide a staffing professional to manage these workers at your place of business.  There’s no additional cost for this service.
  • Safety Training for everyone we send to your site.
  • Payrolling.  If you think you have found the right employee but are not yet prepared to put them on your payroll, we will make them our employee, and handle all payroll paperwork, taxes, unemployment etc.

Call ERG Staffing Services to learn more about how we can solve some or all of your staffing problems immediately, and for the future.

Gallagher Bassett – Your Risk Management Solution

September 28th, 2012

This year, Gallagher Bassett celebrates 50 years of excellence in risk management. Now a global corporation, Gallagher Bassett offers services to a large and diverse client base in every segment of the economy, with nearly 3,400 clients, more than 100 branches and over 4,200 skilled professionals partnering with companies like yours to manage risk.  Here is a brief summary of what they can do for you.

Claims Management.   Gallagher Basset professionals have developed powerful resources and creative strategies to help you balance your need to both control costs and at the same time be able to settle claims fairly yet aggressively.  You will directly benefit from their 50 years of experience.
Consultative Services.  The goal of Gallagher Bassett Consultative Services is to help you minimize risk, reduce your costs and help you provide a safer work environment for your team.  There are three areas:

  • Risk Control Consulting Services or RCCS – Gallagher Bassett truly partners with you to prevent injuries and loss through specific risk control applications of Assessment Services, Program Development, Program Implementation, Training and Educational Services and Specialized Expertise in a wide variety of business and industry.
  • Appraisal and Property Valuation Services –Getting the proper valuation of possibly your biggest assets, your physical property, will help you to be properly insured for the unexpected loss.  Through facility visits, in-depth surveying, and inputting data into a state-of-the-art, nationally recognized database, Gallagher Bassett will provide you with a final report that includes a replacement cost valuation, GPS coordinates, digital photo, CAD drawing and a signed valuation appraisal certificate.  Other valuation provided include replacement costs, reconstruction costs, Real Estate appraisals and more.
  • MountainView Software, a division of Gallagher Bassett – claims software products to help you manage your business risks.  Designer for the professional adjuster, their innovative software programs provide you with the claims management tools to handle many aspects of risk management on your own.

Information Management.   Gallagher Bassett offers an entire a suite of online data management tools to allow you to handle your risk management program from start to finish with their With you will have the ability to report workers compensation, liability, and property losses online, view your monthly reports and develop new ones as needed, view complete information related to a specific claim, or look up past incidents that you entered into the system.

Integrated Disability Management.  The professional team at Gallagher Basset will help you to lower the costs associated with absences and disability claims as well as work toward improving your worker productivity by reviewing your current policies, analyzing your current cost drivers, helping you understand and define what a successful program for your company will look like.

Cost Containment Solutions.  Their stated goal for cost containment is:  “Maximize both the quality of care provided and the effective use of workers compensation healthcare dollars to help employees and employers reduce the impact of injuries and illnesses by returning employees to productive work as quickly as possible.”  Their unique ability to offer greater flexibility and options for managed care programs and services from their nationwide network is how they can meet this goal for your company.

With four locations in Pennsylvania and three in New Jersey, Gallagher Bassett is available to begin a partnership with you to address your specific and unique risk management needs.

ERG Staffing is also available and right around the corner to help you fill your light industrial job openings.  Call one of our professionals today and take the first step to finding the right worker for your needs.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs in your Warehouse

June 8th, 2012

An increase in efficiency will usually lead to an increase in profitability, which is everyone’s ultimate goal in business.  Knowing that you can’t improve what you don’t measure, it’s critical to analyze what’s currently being done in your warehouse.

To do this, you may want to conduct an operations audit to systematically look at your labor, work flow, systems and facilities and determine how you’re performing in some key areas. Ask yourself the following questions:

How is your space being used?  One of the biggest culprits in lost profits is an inefficient use of the cube. Receiving, picking, packing and shipping tend to use up to 50 percent of your space, with product storage taking up the rest.  Using racking, a multi-level order picking concept and power conveyors can increase your effective use of your cubic feet.  Can a simple reconfiguration lead to more product storage?

Can you reduce walking time?  As much as 70 percent of a worker’s time can be spent walking.  Reducing this number will increase orders picked per hour.  Consider establishing a system in which you can store at least one week’s average unit movement in the pick slot as well as a “hot pick” area for extremely fast movers.

Are you taking full advantage of the power of bar codes?  Demand consistent bar code standards from all your vendors, so you can utilize them throughout the process to track products, verify accuracy, speed up processing and eliminate paperwork.

Are the products available when pickers need them? Use a combination of scheduled replenishment of the primary pick slot, utilizing the min-max and demand-replenishment concepts to ensure consistently available inventory levels.

Is your warehouse neat?  Organization and neatness organically increase productivity and worker morale.  Get rid of obsolete equipment.  Keep everything in its place.

Are you flexible?  As it becomes increasingly difficult to predict the future, your flexibility and scalability will be the keys to your survival and growth.   This will allow you to effectively respond to changing requirements, such as merchants increasing their SKUs or changing the types and sizes of items they offer.  Are you allocating space for future growth?

Do you know where all of your inventory is located?  Sound silly? It’s a significant shortcoming if your system does not allow for multiple locations of inventory to be shown.  For efficient operations, your warehouse inventory system must be able to identify what SKU is stored in each location, as well as the quantity of each.

Does your staff know how they’re doing?  The simple act or measuring and reporting key metrics to your workers will improve efficiency.  People like to know where they stand and want to succeed.  By giving them this feedback you will see an uptick in productivity.

Are your vendors meeting your needs?  Because so much of what you do depends on what your vendors do, enforce a vendor compliance policy on everything from bar code standards to packaging standards.  This will prevent you from incurring additional labor costs to repack or re-code products.

This auditing process should remain an ongoing initiative to continuously measure and improve your productivity and efficiency, and thereby your profitability as well.

Want another way to save money and increase efficiency? When you need reliable workers quickly and affordably, call on the staffing specialists at ERG Staffing!