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Our Service Process

When you call us for the first time, we do our utmost to make sure we visit your site to perform a thorough evaluation of your facilities. We’ll also meet with you to discuss your needs, goals and challenges and to determine exactly what kind of employee you seek. We’ll go over the skill sets you require and how much experience you’d like your workers to have. We’ll also talk to you about your company culture so that we’ll be able to send you individuals who have the best chance of being successful for you.

If you have an urgent need for workers, so immediate that a visit isn’t feasible, we’ll discuss your staffing needs and challenges over the phone. We’ll ask you to describe your personnel issues and goals as you understand them and, as we do when we visit in person, we’ll talk to you about the kind of workers you seek as well as the skills you need in workers.

We believe in maximum communication between our internal staff and our clients. So before we ever send anyone to your site, we’ll e-mail you our findings and our pay rates and wait for your confirmation. No one will arrive at your office without your direct permission.

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