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No Business Works Without Great People

Just-in-time deliveries. Looming deadlines. Clients who needed your product yesterday. These are enough to make any manager frantic with anxiety.

Then, add to the equation the need for reliable workers with the necessary skills to get the job done and it’s no wonder a company’s supervisors and team leaders have nightmares about not filling orders or completing projects.

That’s where a partnership with ERG Staffing Services can make all the difference.

We’ve been working with businesses for more than 30 years, providing reliable and hard-working light industrial, skilled trades, technical, clerical and professional employees who will help your company meet and exceed your own clients’ needs and expectations.

Unlike other staffing services, ERG’s staffing managers get involved in every aspect of your business, from our initial contact with you, to planning your staffing strategy, to each and every placement we make for you.

ERG Staffing Services:

Temporary Staffing

ERG Staffing provides capable and dependable temporary employees for:

  • Short-term projects needing staff immediately
  • Family and medical leave absences and coverage for vacationing employees
  • Additional workers for your peak season.

ERG Staffing Services will source, screen, test and conduct background checks on all of our workers. We also take care of payrolling, insurance, taxes, workers compensation and any other benefits. Working with us gives you considerable flexibility in your staffing needs and reduces your payroll and benefits costs.


Sometimes it’s best for employers — and workers — to get a feel for each other before making a more permanent commitment. With ERG Staffing’s temp-to-hire options, you can try a worker out for a few weeks before deciding to put him or her on your own payroll/benefits charts.While working at your site, ERG will pay the employee’s wages, benefits, insurance, taxes, etc. If, at the end of the trial period (usually three months), you and our worker decide the match is a good one, we’ll convert the individual to your payroll. Should either you or the employee decide not to continue working together, we’ll find a replacement for you quickly.

Direct Hire

Hiring new employees is costly in both time and money. Your hiring managers spend large chunks of time going through resumes, calling applicants on the phone, conducting interviews, vetting backgrounds, etc.Let ERG Staffing do that hiring work for you. With our direct hire process we work with you to:

  • Recruit only those people who have the specific skills and background you need
  • Write job advertisements
  • Review and remove resumes
  • Perform the initial screenings and first in-person interviews
  • Conduct skills testing
  • Offer thorough background and reference checks
  • Coordinate the final interview with your hiring managers
  • Help present your offer to the candidate and negotiate his/her compensation

What’s more, you pay us nothing for this service until you hire someone we sourced!


When you have many temporary/contract employees working at your business, ERG Staffing can provide a staffing professional to manage these workers at your place of business.There’s no additional cost for this service.

Having an on-site staffing manager means your own team leaders can focus their time on other priorities while keeping the management of your temporary workforce efficient, safe and productive.


Everyone we send to your site go through a thorough safety orientation. This includes studying a safety training video containing units on general safety awareness, as well as specific instruction for machine safety and chemical fire procedure. Our temporary employees must then pass a written safety test before we ever send them out to your site.


If you’ve found the perfect employee yourself but aren’t ready to place him or her on your own payroll, call us. We will make the individual our employee, placed on our payroll. We will handle all the necessary paperwork, taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. You’ll enjoy the benefits of having a great employee on your team, without the associated paperwork, taxes and liability. We can also handle re-hiring former and retired employees, along with hiring college students for extra help over winter or summer break.Professional, reliable, timely and cost-effective.

When you need employees who know how to work, contact ERG Staffing online or call (888) 895-5200 today!