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7 Tips for Retaining Your Light Industrial Talent

January 25th, 2013

Once you have a great team in place, you want to keep it that way.  The costs associated with training a new hire can be pretty large, not to mention the time and energy required from your management team to get the newbie up to speed.  And, during this training period, the rest of your team may be under increased pressure from being short-handed.  So, all in all, keeping the talent you have is important economically and culturally as well.  Here are a few tips for retaining your team.

  1.  Hire the right people to begin with.  If you make good hires that fit in with your existing team and are a nice cultural match, they are much more likely to stay.  Don’t hire and train individuals who you know deep down are not really right for your business.
  2. Help to provide a balance between work and home life.  There are a number of things you could implement that would help workers maintain this balance.  Consider flexible scheduling, job sharing or even, when applicable, telecommuting.  Even things as simple as flexible or extended lunch breaks so employees can run errands or go to doctor appointments during the day instead of scrambling to get these things done after work.  These accommodations can go a long way to easing the stress some workers feel when trying to balance work with family.
  3. Offer opportunities and communicate them.  Today’s workers want to know that they are working toward something greater, whether it is more responsibility or more money or a bigger title.  Not only should you offer ways to advance for employees, you should also clearly map out how they can achieve these goals.  A well communicated plan for advancement gives workers the peace of mind that they are not merely turning a crank and staying still; their efforts are getting them closer to their goal.
  4. Make sure you have adequate staff.  There may be nothing more frustrating than working really hard all day long only to find out that you barely made a dent in the workload of your team.  This can be demoralizing, and may be a leading cause of employees looking elsewhere for a job.  Make sure you have enough hands on deck to effectively tackle daily tasks.  Consider temporary staffing to help you get caught up and stay that way.
  5. Re-examine your benefits package.  Salary is important, but so are the other benefits you offer.  And many times the benefits package is a deciding factor to take one job over another.
  6. Provide an environment that encourages open communication.  Workers need to feel they have a voice and that management is listening.  It is also important that they get help when they need it.  Make sure you are offering opportunities for peers to mentor each other and share their knowledge.  Ensure that employees understand that they can come to management with questions and suggestions, and that their ideas are valued.  Along with this goes feedback from you.  Talk to your team about their progress and opportunities for improvement on a regular basis.  They will know that they are not being overlooked and that their success is important to you as well as them.
  7. Maintain fairness.  All employees on the same level should be offered the same opportunities and be held to the same expectations.  Make sure that your managers are not playing favorites and giving some workers unfair advantages or allowing some employees to slide by while others are expected to uphold a standard.  This creates a very negative environment which will surely encourage people to leave the company in search of equitable treatment.

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